Book Of Rhymes

So you stole your little brothers school work paper and wrote your lyrics on them, now your brother is failing his class and your mom is bitchin' at you. Or "you" are the one in school and you write lyrics all over and the back of your worksheet assignment only to become depressed when you have to turn it in for grading. Or you work most of the day and the only piece of anything to write on are napkins, you've stashed a large amount of these together and are quite proud of yourself, but then a co-worker has a runny nose and takes the napkins from your shirt pocket and before you can do anything mucous mibranes soak your precious bars to oblivion. You're devastated.

Every serious rapper has a rhyme book and those that don't have one keep their work on computer, sometimes printing them in sheets if the need arises. Without a rhyme book you will be left with rhymes in your head fleeting from memory and stuck in sticky situations. Now, you've decided to purchase a rhyme book and you say to yourself internally that any 70 page, two dollar spiral notebook will do. And that's the problem, pretty soon you'll write through that book like there's no tommow and buy another and another and another. Stop the madness. For a little extra dough you can buy a giant notebook spiral with hundreds of pages, five or six times as large with hundreds of pages, included with dividers (which you can use to sort topics, hooks, lyrics, ideas and more). With this type of notebook it might take a a half a year or much longer to fill. This is the better alternative that going through 20 "book of rhymres" a year, wasting time and money going back and forth from Fred Myers, K-Mart, Office Depot, Office Max, Safeway, Staples, Target or Walmart, it's just not worth it.

For those at work they often find themselves in a place where bringing in that large notebook of rhyme may be deemed unprofessional, embarrasing or not allowed, they can become very emotional because of this. The time spent working can set off hundreds of potential rhymes during boring, tedious, laborious tasks. In desperation you may sneak in paper to write on or napkins to ward off being scrutinized by your boss for your unproductive behavior. Since they "are not to be seen" you must fold them on the way to and from work. Opening the paper back up at home after a hard days work reveals a smudged mess of graphite art, adding to this is the fact that once paper is folded or crumpled it cannot become perfectly flat anymore. This lead to a folder full of messy papers.

The solution for work, school and other similar situations that call for this type of risky maneuver is to buy the proper smaller material to write on. Memo pads are perfect and cost less than a dollar, you'll pay more for the thicker fancier kinds with a large amount of paper. Those black and white composition books you see as an alternative to the spiral notebooks make versions the same size as memo pads and do not have the annoying spiral rings. The cost of the mini-composition books is usually slightly greater than a single dollar, but worth the extra cents.