Kamaka Ukuleles

The Kamaka Corporation is known for producing high-quality ukuleles appropriate for performance use. The company produces several different models of ukulele, comprising the standard voices from soprano to baritone. They strive to produce instruments characterized by a warm tone and their soprano models have a characteristically "plinky" tone with good note articulation and clarity.

Kamaka's entry level ukuleles balance affordability with performance. Their standard model ukulele comes with 14 frets, more than enough for most players but particularly advanced players may want more range on the fret board. Their current lineup of models include the 4-string tenor, the 6-string tenor, the 8-string tenor, a baritone model, the standard deluxe and a concert model having a bell-shape that produces louder volumes. Kamaka produces "specials", as well, which have modifications based on the consumer's needs. These include customizations such as: different binding materials; spruce tops; rosette work; active or passive pickups for electric use; and features such as ebony fingerboards.

Kamaka manufactures their ukuleles in a traditional manner, using Acacia koa wood. The wood is prized for its tonal qualities. It also produces an attractive look for the instruments, characterized by good color variance and intricate grain patterns. The company ages all the wood they procure for instruments, the entire process constituting 4 years of natural aging.

The Kamaka ukuleles are built with solid wood. This means that changes in temperature and humidity have a definite effect on the instrument. While this isn't a problem when those changes are gradual and mild, very extreme changes over short periods of time do risk compromising these instruments. The wood used in these ukuleles should be treated with appropriate care, including keeping the instrument in a high-quality case when not in use and making certain that it is not stored near heat sources.